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RF AGES UPDATE 12 November 2018

RF AGES - Update 12 November 2018 ChangeLog : 

Farming Area Changed :

Sette Map :

  • Monster Turncoat Changed to Infected Turncoat 
  • Monster Grumble Hook Changed to Infected Grumble Hook
  • Monster Bulky Lunker Changed to Infected Bulky Lunker
  • All Infected Monster at Sette is for level 80++
  • All Infected Monster at Sette is Tweaked ( Attack Speed, Damage, Deffence, HP, And Element Resistance by 50 )

Drop Information :

  • Infected Turncoat Sniper, Commando, Hunter, Archer, Scout, Gunner : Silver Pig
  • Infected Turncoat Destroyer, Gladius, Psyper, Chandra, Summoner, Caster : T5 Upgrader
  • Infected Bulky Lunker : T4 Upgrader
  • Infected Grumble Hook : T3 Upgrader

NPC Change : 

  • Add Missing Weapon Sword & Knife [Rare B] To NPC Weapon Bellato and Cora
  • Enable Dungeon Keeper ( For Coupon Gate )

Fix List : 

  • Fix Upper Armor Cora Warrior and Force Level 65 [Rare B]
  • Fix Shoes Armor Cora Force Level 85 [Rare D]
  • Fix VIP MAU Attack & Deffence [Need buy again the correct Ammo]
  • Fix VIP Animus Maxima Charm [Character damage affect the Animus, And Charm not Stackable with Sympathy Charm]
  • Fix MAU effect not show correctly
  • Fix Chip not Drop Halostone
  • Increase Chip HP

New : 

  • Weapon Ages Level 85 Rare [D] is Now Rentable ( For Rewards, and others )
  • Update Guild Honored

Website (Soon)

  • Increased Website Speed
  • Daily Top Kill Information
  • Guides Section Area


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